Discussion On ‘Can Electronic Muscle Stimulation Assist In Preventing Injuries?’


Electro myostimulation or Electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) is really a manner of use of externally created impulses via electrodes, resulting in the contractions in muscles. This method finds many uses including weight reduction, rehabilitation, and the body building, and training manner of athletes. Here, we examine – Can electronic muscle stimulation assist in preventing injuries?

The artificially generated impulses utilized in EMS work in the same manner because the natural nerve impulses coming in the nervous system work(spinal-cord and brain). The nervous system accounts for coordination from the healing cycles in our body due to this EMS may be used in treatment and prevention of injuries.

The majority of the injuries in sports are musculoskeletal (relating to the muscles and also the skeleton). Insufficient versatility and strength from the muscles and for that reason a small flexibility may be the major causing agent of these injuries. The Food and drug administration sanctions using EMS for growing the plethora of motion.

Many communist countries have used EMS in injuries prevention and training routines from the athletes since 1950s. This utilization of EMS found free airline in 1970s when Dr. Kots delivered a paper around the immense potential from the system in college of Montreal. The famous Olympic coach, Charlie Francis also employed it within the routines of his athletes. It’s been demonstrated that EMS is capable of doing growing the force by nearly 40% within the small amount of time of three days.

This zero limits training product is magic.EMS utilizes a muscles directly, enabling these to exceed the power conservation system from the body. Following this limit is foiled, a vast volume of fiber could be potentially activated. This enables the athlete to attain a distinctive training effect and remain fit.

Apart from stopping injuries, EMS can also be utilized in muscle atrophy (weakening) prevention. However, the favourite utilization of EMS is building and toning body. It improves the muscle density hence growing its hardness. Doctors also prescribe EMS to alleviate publish operation and general fits. EMS can also be used instead of cure and stop impairment of nervous system (CNS).

However vast the uses, EMS has numerous drawbacks. You are able to to get results for only large muscles and usually shows no results using the smaller sized ones (for e. G., triceps, biceps and calves). Its employment in protection against injuries is likely to merely a couple of parts. The Food and drug administration restricts its experience several parts of the body like brain and chest. The utilization and effectiveness of EMS are controlled by the condition of contraction of muscles.

So that it can’t be used during some kinds of injuries, pregnancy and the monthly period. There has been reports of skin irritations, burns along with other dermal illnesses. Also repeated use of current around the tissues can impact the cell physiology. Consultation of the physician should be searched for before using or intending to use EMS set for any function. Can electronic muscle stimulation assist in preventing injuries? Well, the reply is in affirmative but safety precautions should be taken.