8 Things That Should Not Be Included In Resume


Resumes should be only one to two pages long. It should be precise and clear. It should be presented in such a way that the employer gets attracted to it.

You should use proper formats in the resume, and the size of your resume should also be between 10 and 12. You should even give a proper margin on both the side of the resume. Proper spacing and heading should also be made in the resume to make the resume easily readable.

  • Unnecessary personal details:

You should not include your personal details in the resume, like your religion, marital status, and preference, as these will only increase the length of the resume and can even have a negative impact on the employer. Adding your complete personal detail is a waste of resume space.

  • Inconsistent formatting:

Formatting of the resumes makes it attractive. You should select consistent formatting in your resume in order to give it a professional look.

  • Hobbies or personal interests:

 You should try not to include all your usual hobbies like watching tv on your resume. You should include only the interest that is required as per the job profile.

  • Salary expectation: 

you should not mention the expected salary in your resume. It is better to discuss the matter about salary in the interview as if you demand more salary than the employer will be willing to give, then your resume will be rejected, and in case if you demand a low amount, you will be at a loss.

  • Reasons for leaving the previous job:

There might be any reason for leaving the previous job. You should not specify the reason for leaving the previous job as it might affect the new employer’s decision.

  • Not to include your photo: 

You should not include your photo on the resume. The employer might not like your look and give the reason for your looks for rejecting the resume4. But your selection should be based on your educational qualification and not on your looks.

  • Spelling or grammatical mistakes:

Before submitting the resume to the employer, get it checked by any other person who can either be your friend or an expert person .you can use spelling or grammatically processor like httpsresumebuild.com- to check the error in your resume.

  • Inaccuracy:

You should enter all the details in the resume accurately. Your name and contact number should be accurate so that the employer can easily contact you. The resume works as a first impression, and if you will use inaccurate information, then the employer will have the wrong view about you

Resume plays an essential part in the life of job seekers. The resume should not include the points mentioned above. You can even consult the various platforms that are available online such as https://resumebuild.com. These will give you an idea of what should not be included in the resume.