The Open School

"The Open School" project is a series of meets run across South East Asia. Anyone can attend these and there is no fee. the participants discuss topics such as travel, relationships, career, education and personal development. The meets are held at local libraries and cafes etc.

There are no pre-selected speakers at open school, the participants are invited to join in or lead a discussion. The sessions are held in English and the local language. 

How does someone post a topic for discussion?

When you come in, take a post-it and write down some skill or topic that you want to learn, teach or discuss. Stick this post-it on the designated board. Other participants will place stickers or leave tick marks on your topic if they like it. 

Once your topic has 5 or 6 stickers, we will assign you a corner where you can discuss your ideas with the group interested in your topic. We will have two or three discussions running at the same time and you are free to leave your group and join the next group.

Some topics that we discussed in the past.

  • How to search better on Google? How to find trustworthy information online? How not to get scammed?
  • How to travel to another country with less than 30$? How to travel alone as a female traveler? 
  • How to know if someone likes or loves you? 
  • How to become more confident? How to write a better CV?
  • How to become a better learner?
  • How to meditate?
Photos from the OpenSchool in Saigon, Can Tho and Hong Kong