Funny Building

It is fun to see some of the old building in Singapore and Malaysia. I found this building in the Gaylang area in Singapore.

The buiding in Geylang area of Singapore
The pillars had these bas relief in plaster of Sikh policemen. British colonies in the East, as far east as Shanghai, often had Sikh police. 

the first policeman

the second policeman


Malcolm returned from Germany and brought for us an East German flags. It joins our collection of socialist flags from China and Lao PDR. Does any one have a North Korean flag?

It seems we are not the only one interested in socailist memories. An article from Wired.

Archaeological Find??

The island of Java , with its location was a melting pot of many influences. The old Javanese scripts were based on some of the south Indian scripts. You can immediately spot the curving characters similar to modern day Burmese, Khmer, Laotian, Thai and the extinct Cham script. I was surprised to find a statue inscribed in Devnagri script. Devnagri is used to write some languages like Hindi. I can read the words but I don’t know the meanings. I suspect it is Sanskrit. I am still investigating.

the statue with the inscription in devnagri script.

I was actually able to read this. it spells “yankuran”.

this reads “dvalyu”