Sue Google States Over Breaches of Confidence Structures


38 US states file anti-trust lawsuit against Google over 'abuse of internet  search dominance'- The New Indian Express

The Attorney General of Texas claimed that he sues Google’s parent Alphabet, for allegedly exploiting a multimedia commercial in excess of antitrust legislation, on behalf of a group of countries. The Texas Prosecutor Attorney General Ken Paxton said on Twitter: “This internet used Goliath to manipulate the market, destroy competition and harm the consumers.”

Paxton criticized Google for its “monopoly power” to regulate price tags and to indulge in industry collusions to control publicity auctions, using anti-completive behaviour, proprietary activities and misrepresentations. GOOGL has essentially removed the contest and “has created itself the online ad champion,” the Attorney General claims, adding that the corporation profits unfairly from sucking away revenue from websites by advertising on the websites. For much of its earnings, Google relies on advertising. Digital advertisement sales reported to the parent company Alphabet in the third half 2020 were $37.1 billion.

Texas’ first subpoena contained more than 200 record requests and questions. Many of the questions appeared to be meant to provide proof that when developing its dominant position Google’s ad-tech company buys and advertisements on Websites on the Internet has been engaging in anti concurrently conduct.

The business controlled and monetized digital advertising by the dominant weapon in the chain between online publishers and marketers. GOOGL submitted that it is competitive in the ad-tech industry and that its space fusion will boost user service.

Publishers and marketers also use several technologies at the same time, with the typical major publisher advertising advertisements on the web using six different channels. Google said its technologies would be interoperable with over 700 marketers’ competitor platforms and 80 competing publishers’ platforms. Nevertheless, several publishers and rivals have accused Google of anti-competitively exploiting its software.

Additional concerns

The case comes after Google has been exposed to antitrust charges by the Department of Justice and a variety of states with an emphasis on its search business.But Google is not the only smoke technology firm. Last week the Federal Trade Commission and a consortium of 48 public prosecutors, who requested to revoke its Instagram and WhatsApp purchases, sued Facebook and said the agreement made it more difficult for outsiders to achieve size.

In comparison, internet companies such as Facebook and GOOGL have faced the backlash in other regions. Two ideas were put out by the European Commission earlier this week and by the UK, targeting the Big Tech. It reported that if illicit content is not immediately deleted, technical giants will spend up to £18 million ($24 million) or 10 percent of their annual global sales. If you want to know more, you can check at