Finally, a decent swim tracker - Misfit Speedo Shine

I have been looking for swim trackers for a while. I tried the app on the original Pebble smartwatch - it worked sometimes, but often missed laps. I tried the app again on the Sony Smartwatch 3 (the only waterproof Android wear device at the moment) and it failed to synchronise the swim data every time.

Earlier this week I bought the new Misfit Speedo Shine device. After three days of trying it out, I can say that this device is perfect.

Back in 2013, Misfit folks gave me the original Shine to try out. I liked using it, until it decided to jump out of the hoop and hide while I was on a Saigon - Hanoi flight.  I like the fact that you don't have to charge this, that is one cable less to carry.