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Print, copy, create and organize using the tools and solutions the world approved with the advanced products of Japanese brand BROTHER, that is dedicated to offering consumers the most recent technology most of the segments it operates, in both printing and communication solutions, fashion, or perhaps in manufacturing.


In much around the globe, with regards to FAX, the very first brand you think of is BROTHER. The storyline of the brand started around the globe, in 1908, in Japan, when Mr. Kanekichi Yasui founded the organization Yasui Machine to fabricate sewing machines, targeted at the commercial segment. Within the 20s, Masayoshi Yasui inherits the company and altered its name to Brother’s Yasui Machine Co. However it was just in 1928 that Brother could be established and marketed. The company started producing domestic sewing machines in 1932. 2 yrs later, on The month of january 15, it’s became a member of Nippon Machine Manufacturing Company, which may result in the Brother Industries we all know today.

Through the years, the organization expanded by opening a sales division, in 1941, and began the export of stitching machines in 1947, inaugurating the very first sales offices within the U . s . States in 1954, using the establishment of the subsidiary. It had been the start of a time period of strong internationalization to BROTHER. It had been also this same year the organization elevated its product portfolio, beginning to create small household electrical appliances for example fans and automatic washers. In 1958, the time had come to stay within the European Continent using the opening of the subsidiary in Dublin, Ireland.

The organization required the name Brother Industries Limited. formally only in 1962, and also at the finish from the decade, in 1968, showed up to South america formally. It wasn’t until 1971 the brand joined the printing industry, that could be known, using the launch from the fastest us dot matrix printer of times. In the rest of this decade, the organization reduced the producing of small household appliances to dedicate to development and manufacture of printing and communication products. In early 80s, the very first electronic typewriters were introduced. With this particular, Brother grew to become sponsor and official supplier for electronic typewriters from the 1984 Olympic games in La. The wedding was very essential for BROTHER pave his path like a global brand.

The entire year of 1987 was among the largest in the history, with the beginning of manufacture of fax machines and copiers and laser printers, additionally towards the entry on the market of apparatus for communication. Rapidly, the Brother Fax machines and copiers and printers earned status on the market, along with a large product sales. The year after, they opened up Japan first “Brother Shipping Center”, along with a branching of electronic products of stationery. The very first laser printers started to become created by the organization in 1992. 2 yrs later, they arrived at the milestone of $ 30 million typewriters created because the launch. In 1995, Brother has launched an innovative device, the very first multifunction machine, which incorporated, in a single, a fax machine, a printer, a scanner along with a copier.

With the appearance of the brand new millennium, BROTHER arrived at historic and significant figures when producing the Fax machines and copiers arrived at 20 million units in 2002, attesting the standard and competence from the Japanese brand to create this product popular along with a success in the whole world. Today, among the leading global manufacturers of communications equipment, Brother is promoting, and is constantly on the develop, a number of products to supply simpler and much more efficient communication between people and companies, providing the fax machines and copiers and multifunction more complete from the market – equipment with laser technology or inkjet, monochrome or color, with automatic paper feed type or “flatbed” models. Thus, based on the user needs, Brother can invariably be a fantastic option information management, with excellent value / money relation.