Breakthrough Technologies – Part Mire


An incredible quantity of new items and breakthrough technologies in the realm of personal development and private development are giving us possibilities heretofore considered just sci-fi. The next technology might be just the thing you need.

o ThinkTQ – ThinkTQ is really a self improvement program which is about the systematic quest for success. It’s synergistic group of technologies, including e-books, teleSeminars, personal workshop audio CDs an internet-based daily motivation and training.

ThinkTQ inventor believes that it’s the new 800 Pound Gorilla of private Development – much better than Stephen Covey, Tony Robbins, John Tracey, Zig Ziglar, Tom Peters, even David Allen? You will discover FREE! http://world wide

o Healing Rhythms: Computer Biofeedback Practicing a contented Mind &

Healthy Body — through the Wild Divine Project – A brand new breakthrough technology in the makers of Journey to Wild Divine. Healing Rhythms may be the first biofeedback training course which brings

together probably the most prominent leaders in the area of overall health and combines their guidance with beautiful on-screen graphics for any happy mind and a sound body.

Healing Rhythms artfully combines effective biofeedback training with led meditation and breathing techniques, enabling you to witness and transform the rhythms of the body and mind because they play together on-screen! http://world wide

o The emWave Personal Stress Reliever Teaches The skill of Relaxation!

This is a stress-relieving mind gadget from HeartMath, creators from the Freeze-Framer 2. Uses Heart Rhythms to “Transform Anxiety and stress into Vibrant Energy” HeartMath Freeze-FramerĀ® v2. (USB) is biofeedback device that connects to usb port spot of the PC and interacts having a specifically crafted computer software. The Freeze-Framer software measures your stress threshold and shows you new physical and emotional responses, resulting in greater relaxation and emotional balance.

http://world wide

o Awakening Prologue Features Holosync Audio Technology – Centerpointe Director Bill Harris has provided Awakening Prologue. To obtain the obtain the most out of this effective technology, we have produced an extensive program known as The Holosync Solution. The first level is known as Awakening Prologue and includes several effective Holosync soundtracks (available only on CDs), comprehensive support materials and services along with a huge package of opening materials explaining this program what is actually prone to happen while you utilize it. http://world wide