Cite This Extension for Chrome Browser. Helps you cite URLs in your presentations and reports

I make a lot of presentation and often grab images or research notes from websites. I want to credit the site on my presentations or reports but It is tedious to type out the citation. I made the “Cite This” Chrome extension that lets one capture a simple citation text from the current web page.

Let’s say I am working on this presentation and I get this image from a website.

myWPEdit Image

And I want to cite the website on my presentation slide.

myWPEdit Image

I will have to copy and paste the URL from the website to the presentation and also add some leading (the word “From”) and following text (perhaps the retrieval date).

The Cite This Chrome extension makes this task less tedious. Go to the Chrome webstore and search for the Cite This extension.

myWPEdit Image

Once you find the extension, you can add it to Chrome.
myWPEdit Image

Once the Cite This extension is installed, it shows up on the browser. myWPEdit Image

When you are on a website that you want to cite, just click on the CIte This button. A popup appears with the citation text. Just press CTRL+C key on your computer (Command+C if you are on a Mac). This send the text to your computers clipboard.

myWPEdit Image

Next, just paste the text on your presentation slide or report. Hope this extension saves you some time.

myWPEdit Image

Link to the Cite This extension


  1. Why don’t you send the citation text directly to clipboard when I press the Cite This button? Why do I have to copy it from the popup?

Chrome browser does not allow me to send text to clipboard. This is a security restriction. That is why I have to get you to initiate the copy action by pressing Ctrl+C or Command+C on your keyboard.

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2 thoughts on “Cite This Extension for Chrome Browser. Helps you cite URLs in your presentations and reports

  1. Hi there,

    I tried your instructions above to add the “cite page generator” but second thoughts about privacy stopped me from completing it. The application will access all my data from websites. What implications are there for stored passwodrs and cookies?

  2. Eleni, thsi extension is basically a small peice of code that generates a text that includes the URL of the page. The only thing I access is the URL of the page. This information is not sent anywhere nor is it stored anywhere.

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