The Chinese Internet: How to create a QQ account and install QQ internet messenger?

If you do any amount of work with people in China or have friends in China, you should get a QQ account. QQ is the most popular internet messaging software in China and almost all the netizens in China have a QQ account. Once you have a QQ account of your own, the Chinese people will love you more.

QQ messaging window.
Wherever they are, Chinese netizen are not far from QQ
Their business cards also has their QQ number

At an airport in central China


QQ has games etc, you can play with your friends.

Part 1: Getting a QQ account
a. Go to the URL below to create your account. This is QQ’s new international page
Fill in all the information asked by the form and press the “Confirm” button.
b. QQ will email you a confirmation link. Check your email and click on the link provided. 
 Now you have a QQ account.  QQ will return with a number. This number will be your QQ account.  Congrats, now are becoming old China hand. 
QQ will also email you your account number
Part 2: Installing QQ messenger
Download the messenger software shown on the page.
b. After downloading start installation. There is some bug in the installation software at the moment. So when you reach the screen shown below (screen 2) , disable the Desktop and Quick Launch Bar shortcut.
Once the installation is finished, you can use the QQ messenger. 
Part 3. Adding a friend’s contact your QQ client.  
a. Click on the “Search for Contacts” icon at the bottom. It looks like a magnifying glass.  A new window will open. In this window you can type your friend’s QQ number and press the “Search” button.
QQ will show you the friend if it is able to locate her
b. Once your friend is located, you can send her a contact request. 
c. Once your friend accepts your message, you can do text, video or audio conversations. 
Part 4. QQ shortcut codes. Chinese netizens use these codes just like the Japanese use emoji but unlike the visual reference in Japanese emoji, the Chinese codes are phonetic. For example 521 sounds like wo er yi or approximately wo ai ni meaning “I love you”. Once you know these codes, you will be a full fledged Old China Hand. Thanks to dear friend Elf for these. 
596 wo zou le / i will go
456 shi wo la/ it is me
7998 qu zou zou ba /go for a walk
594230  wo jiu shi ai xiang ni /i just love to miss ya
360 xiang nian ni /miss ya
2010000 ai ni yi wan nian/ love ya for 10 thousands
1372 yi xiang qing yuan/it is ur business
259695 ai wo jiu liao jie wo /love me,so try to know me
5871  wo bu jie yi/ i never mind
82475 bei ai jiu shi xing fu /it is happy to be loved
08376 ni bie sheng qi le /dont be angry
1799  yi qi zou zou/ lets go for a walk
5366  wo xiang liao liao /i wanna have a chat
246 e si le /I am starving. 
918 jia you ba/ come on
04551 ni shi wo de wei yi/ u r my only
51396  wo yao shui jiao le/ i will go to sleep
537 wo sheng qi/ i am angry

and most important one – always sign off with 88. 88 sounds like pa pa (or ba ba), similar to bye bye.

so 88 and 246. 596.
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3 thoughts on “The Chinese Internet: How to create a QQ account and install QQ internet messenger?

  1. if and account is hacked and how can the account be retrieved …

    scenario 1 >
    incase there is no security question been set what is the way to retrieve
    scenario 2 >
    what are the other ways to to protect ur accout other than settign security question

    my account is hacked can u please help me as soon as possible by telling the ways

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